Propane Conversion

Lancer Automotive Group has partnered with car propane tankAlliance AutoGas to offer turnkey solutions in utilizing propane as the main fuel in bi-fuel conversions. With minimal cost outlay for conversions, along with the low price of propane, fleets are able to realize significant savings in fuel costs and most importantly a very quick return on investment. This makes propane one of the very best fuel choices for fleets!

Propane is not only the third most common fuel in the United States (surpassed only by gasoline and diesel), but also the world’s most common alternative fuel -fueling over 17 million vehicles on the road today. The popularity of propane has led to an array of innovations in OEM-supported vehicles fueled by propane, including light and medium-duty trucks, vans, and shuttles. With its 104 octane rating, propane allows engines to run cleanly without sacrificing performance, making it a smart choice for the demands placed on fleet vehicles.

propane vehicleThe cost of adding propane fueling infrastructure is inexpensive and many of the over 10,000 propane distributors nationwide will install infrastructure for no cost, in return for a fueling contract for your fleet.