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**Current Hybrid Battery Special**

Gen II Toyota Prius (04-09)
We will install a Toyota Hybrid battery for $2195.00 plus tax
It has a 12 Month 12,000 Mile warranty

Or aftermarket battery for $1695.00 plus tax

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At Lancer Automotive Group we know that Hybrid car owners love their cars, especially the fuel economy.  We service, diagnose and repair all hybrid vehicles, and specialize in performing factory recommended maintenance. Hybrid vehicles are finely tuned and are very efficient, but a lot of hybrid owners are unaware they still need to do tune-ups, oil changes and service emission systems, not only to keep the factory warranty intact, but to keep the vehicle running at peak performance.  Prius3

Most Hybrid vehicle owners dread the prospect of having to replace the hybrid battery. Let Lancer Automotive Group take care of those worries by selecting the right replacement battery. The right battery can add many years of life to your vehicle, improve performance, reliability, and add value to your vehicle.


Lancer Automotive Group can convert you’re Fleet to a Hybrid using technology from XL Hybrid. This cutting-edge technology is designed to transform your existing vehicle into a hybrid electric vehicle. XL Hybrids system is designed to work on the most popular Class 1-3 fleet vehicles, including cargo, utility, and shuttle vans. The XL Hybrid system adds an electric motor, an advanced lithium ion battery pack, and control software to the vehicle – without making significant modifications to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) internal combustion engine or transmission.  In return, fleet managers will see significant fuel cost savings, less emission output, along with much less repair costs and downtime.