GPS Sales, Installation, & Monitoring Services

gps insightLancer Automotive Group has partnered with GPS Insight to bring you the finest products, installation and support services in the GPS market today. No matter the size of your fleet we have a product and solution to fit your needs.


GPS is a powerful tool offering many benefits, such as:

  • Track vehicle(s) location for optimized GPS trackingrouting, delivery tracking, dispatching and more accurate invoicing.
  • Mapping and custom made landmarks for identifying locations.
  • Vehicle service and maintenance reporting (minimize downtime, save on costly repairs, keep more timely service intervals).
  • Multiple sensor input and power take off (PTO) activity reporting.
  • Data collection and reporting with access to historical data.
  • Real-time Alerts (driver, location, check engine, idle time, speeding, odd hours, landmarks, geo fencing, etc.) via email or SMS text messages.
  • Idle management, fuel savings and green-house gas (GHG) reductions.
  • Fleet utilization reporting for vehicle placement or reduction justification.
  • Training on many features of the GPS system.
  • Create investigative reports for incidents/accidents.
  • Insurance friendly!Let us custom tailor GPS Insight to fit your specific fleet needs, creating efficiency, better management, along with saving you time and money associated with downtime and maintenance costs.