CNG Diagnostics, Service, Repair & Conversions

Lancer Automotive Group has been repairing and servicing CNG vehicles for over 20 years. At one time we were the only facility in the nation to be certified to install every EPA certified conversion system on the market. That experience enabled us to evaluate each system and hand pick the best products allowing seamless integration with the OEM vehicle and best performance. Lancer Automotive Group has partnered with LandiRenzo and Crazy Diamond Performance to be able to offer a variety of landi renzoCNG vehicle platforms in both Ford and General Motors.

With our experience being a tier1 supplier to General Motors and having been ISO 9001 compliant, we understand the quality requirements and the customer service needed to be able to provide the best experience in owning a Natural Gas Vehicle!

HummerCNG is ideal for vehicles in constant operation that travel in a limited area. Actually, fleets which are centrally fueled, such as town-owned buses and local departments, are the targets of most federal clean air regulations. While many CNG vehicles have the range of a standard vehicle of the same make, drivers of CNG vehicles in a town-wide area will have access to a fueling station at all times. They will also be using a cleaner burning fuel in that area, cutting back substantially on polluting emissions concentrated in their townsand saving on fuel costs for necessary and constant engine operation.

We are pleased to announce that we will now be carrying CNG parts in stock at great prices. Please give us a call or e-mail to acquire a copy of our 2017 Parts Catalog. Downloadable version is available HERE.

We are now offering Mobile “CNG to You” services. Avoid a tow a<e Gr> will be happy to drive to you and add fuel to your CNG tank. Limited Service Area. **Please call for pricing and details**