CNG Cylinder/Tank Install & Replacement

CNG high pressure fuel cylinders have a Propane Tanksuseful life of 15, 20, or 25 years depending on how they were certified by the original tank manufacturer. Because there is no way to safely “recertify” cylinders for extended use they must be replaced by the “expiration date” which is usually visible upon removal of the protective cover.

Lancer Automotive Group has the proper tools, equipment, and experience necessary to safely more Propane tanksvent CNG from your old cylinder to allow for proper removal, destruction, and disposal. Once the old tank has been removed, we can install a new certified cylinder, valve, and PRD. We supply all required fittings, vent bag, and necessary hardware for a seamless, long-term solution for your vehicle. Furthermore, we offer a free lifetime inspection of the cylinder (required every 3 years) to the original purchaser.

We just received a large number of used 21″ x  60″ Type 4 tanks.  **Currently Out of Stock**  Installation available, call for a custom quote!  Also, we have a few of the smaller used Type 3 tanks available for replacement on Honda GX’s. 

Please call for availability as inventory moves rather quickly!


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