Brake Repair

When your car needs brake repair, waiting is not an option. The brakes are one of the most important aspects of every automobile. Keep an eye out for signs that your car’s braking system has been compromised. Does your car pull to one side when you brake? Another sign of trouble is if your car makes a new sound when braking. Common sounds that indicate trouble are squealing and grinding.

If your car is doing either of these things, bring it in for an inspection. Your brakes may still function well enough now, but longer you wait, the less that will be true. Another common problem drivers have is a less responsive brake pedal. This is indicative of a problem with the brake fluid line. Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment to have this problem checked out.

Here at Lancer Automotive Group, we’ve worked on cars in and around Salt Lake City, Utah, for over 30 years. This experience has helped us catch issues and problems before they lead to life-changing situations. When you come to us, you can feel confident we’ll keep your car in working order.

Any Car, Any Style

Our services are not limited by your car’s make and model. Whether your car was made in the ’90s or this year, we’ll keep your systems functioning properly. We have experience with a broad range of automobiles. As a result, we know each one has its own unique quirks and requirements. With our team, you’ll feel confident your vehicle is getting the attention it deserves.

We also care about your safety, which is why we give you tips on how to maintain your brakes so they need repairs less often. The first step is to regularly inspect them. We recommend doing this every time you get your tires rotated. This inspection allows us to fix any issues before they become problems.

Your Brake Repair Solution in Salt Lake City

Having a team you can trust not only helps your car last longer, but it also helps you reduce stress. When you depend on our crew here at Lancer Automotive Group, you don’t have to worry about your brakes malfunctioning in the middle of a drive.

In fact, your brakes will work so smoothly that you might not think about them at all. If you’re worried about your brakes or just want an inspection, call us today. We offer both brake repair and replacement for every kind of car.